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LIVE HOUSE for Arowana
Update:2011/8/12 Hits:978

LIVE HOUSE slightly acid

(Bacteria Fortified PH Buffering Filter Media) For Arowana


Product features:

Control pH function.

Feeding Arowana should consider Arowana's habitats; it also requires different water quality. Therefore, adjusting water pH is particularly important. When the aquarium's pH bias alkaline, filter materials of Live House for Arowana will release negative oxygen ion automatically, thus inhibit water pH rise. It releases oxidation material that will not cause pH drastic decline. Using LIVE HOUSE for Arowana could realize automatic controling PH of water between the ideal state 6.2-6.6. It will not cause PH stimulation for Arowana, please feel free to use.

●This product is the far infrared super ceramics added natural graphite sandstone, expensive gems, silicon ore, germanium and tourmaline. Because its material is choosed strictly and far infrared ray releases anion, therefore, it can enhance the immunity of the Arowana. What's morethe minerals dissolves out of ore let Arowana grow more healthy.

●Implant beneficial comprehensive nitrifying bacteria.

Biological filtration by using microbial nitrification is essential for raising Arowana. Implanted beneficial comprehensive nitrifying bacteria(Shin Yu bacteria) of rivers and lakes in the world, the bacteria play a purification roleit can restrain harmful nitrifying bacteria growth effectively and raise breeding water quickly which contains rich beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Besides Shin Yu bacteria, it contains photosyntheticbacterium, lactic acid bacteria, natural yeastvarious enzymes which has balance effect, purify sink environment effectively.

● Super porosity characteristic

This product is the first manufacturing and high temperature black ceramic ring in the world. Adopt the special burning processing, with super vesicular structure inside the ring. And it exerts its long-term stable biological filter function, make microbial stationed in the interior of filtration material. This product can enlarge the area of effective bacterium, favors the reproducing of effective bacterium, enhance the dissolved oxygen of aquarium. It is regarded as the super filtration material, and it is considered as the improvement materials of natural environment.