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Recommentation for Nutrient series
Update:2011/8/12 Hits:1037

We are very glad to recommend our new product:

Live Origin Concentrated Calcium Liquid and Live Origin Vitamine-Hard &Soft Corals

We are looking Forward to your consultation!!!


Live Origin Concentrated Calcium Liquid

Live Origin Concentrated Calcium Liquid is a highly concentrated liquid raise calcium levels in the marine and reef aquarium rapidly. It provides necessary calcium to enhance the growth of corals and other reef invertebrates. With regular use, corals open more often and stay attached to their skeletons better. Calcium is vital for the health and growth of corals and also plays a crucial role maintaining high pH that marine systems needed. Phosphate and nitrate free. Does not raise DOC levels. 1ml treats 100L water. Use with Live Origin Vitamine-Hard &Soft Corals is advisablewhen hard coral and soft coral are in the aquarium. Contains no EDTA, gluconates, lactates, or other sugars which change the water quality.

Product features:

○Marine calcium supplement is great for corals growth.

○Concentrated liquid calcium formula.

○Help adjust and maintain a high PH that marine aquariums needed.

Adjust pH of saltwaer aquariums, build KH, dissolve easily and clearly. Do not cloud the tank or flake off on your coralsplease feel free to use.

Live Origin Vitamine-Hard &Soft Corals

Main Features

Live Origin Vitamine-Hard &Soft Corals is the premium coral vitamin & mineral supplement. It provides multiple trace minerals and high energetic nutrients for health and vigor and to stimulate growth in corals, anemones and desirable marine algae. It contains no detrimental heavy metals, gluconates or other sugars, phosphates, nitrates, or silicates. It does not promote undesirable algae growth. Our goal is to provide stable water quality and sustained Long-term Results. To this end, Live Origin helps you create the seawater aquarium which most close to nature.

Product features

1.      Liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for corals

2.      Provide multiple trace minerals and high energetic nutrients

3.      Keep the stability of the seawater in aquarium. Ideal supplementation for marine reef growth.