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Life Care For Arowana(Tablet for internal and external use)
Update:2011/8/12 Hits:1187

We recommend Life Care For Arowana(Tablet for external and Internal Use),  We are looking forward to your consultation!!

Life Care

For ArowanaTablet for external use

Take tablets into the water to dissolve, then it could be used.

It can be used to prevent and treat Arowana’s diseases such as Erythroplakia, gill rot, external trauma infection, water mould infections, protruding scales and eye cloudiness effectively. It could treat rainbow fish and all kinds of Arowana’s external trauma infection successfully. Even Arowana’s serious eye cloudiness disease such as pupil perforation occurs, the serious tuberculous bacterial infections, the cure rate is also high.

After entering water, products dissolve rapidly, cut off the synthesis of harmful bacteria and protease immediately. Make the protein within pathogens degenerate and precipitate directly, so the pathogen cell will die, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection efficiently. Its characteristic is the powerful sterilization, low toxicity, it's broad-spectrum bacteriostat, which can kill the viruses, bacteria, sporefungi, and protozoa. It spreads rapidly in a short time, takes effect within 48 hoursits duration is 72 hours, it does not produce drug changes for any radial illuminate. But in some cases, bacterial cells will produce variation; the product’s efficiency will be different more or less.



Live Care

For Arowana (Internal disease) 

Dissolving the tablet in the water, then you can use.

Treat the diseases caused by Arowana’s internal bacterial infection mainly. Treat enteritidis caused by colon bacillus, gram negative / positive bacteria, staphylococci aureus, pseudomonas and aeruginosa, amoebas effectively. It is curative for sleeping sickness and color-change, both caused by parasites, abdominal distension caused by intestinal parasites; it also has certain curative effect for reverse osmosis caused by ascites. It has special effect for Arowana and rainbow fish's intestinal infection and has no harm to beneficial nitrifying bacteria. When applying tablet, better effect together with Live Origin nutrient solution for Arowana.

Drugs dissolve quickly after entering Arowana, and enter into its intestinal neural blood, break the DNA genetic transformation of harmful bacteria effectively, lead to the deaths of harmful bacteria. It will kill viruses in 12 hours. It is effective within 48 hours and will have effect for one month. The product will stop harmful bacteria to reproduce. It will not change the pH, and control the diffusion of ammonia after transforming nitrite. The effect of the tablet is good. Drug does not change under any radial illuminate, but in some cases, bacterial cells maybe mutate and results will be a little difference.